Mooiplaatsie wedding venue

10 September 2016

VENUE: Benedetto on Vaal | HAIR: Ansome du Plessis | MAKEUP: Jeanri Bolleurs van Nevaeh WEDDING DRESS: St Lourient Botique | MARRIAGE OFFICIANT: Ds Olof van Rooyen vanaf APK Klerksdorp.

Michael and Obie’s wedding day was amazing. The whole day I felt God’s presence with me. It was only a week ago when my gallbladder was removed, so I was still in a lot of pain. But God’s creativeness worked through me and we were blessed with amazing unique photos. Obie won the cancer fight and this made this wedding even more emotional. We celebrated life with them on that day! Michael’s love for Obie is something you cannot explain in words, he will truly carry her in his hands forever. All the glory to God!

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