Walking down the aisle is possibly the biggest moment you are going to have this year. There are so many things that could go wrong during this very exciting emotional moment.
We have seen it all and this blog is about giving you an objective perspective of what could go wrong, and what to do to prevent it.

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The doors fly open and you and your dad start the wedding march down the aisle. You see you’re soon to be husband and BAM!! Someone falls into the aisle trying to get a good shot with her phone. Everyone laughs and it’s a big joke. It will be remember forever. But here you are, this moment was supposed to be perfect, but the moment is not about you anymore. In fact your wedding day is not about you anymore.

What about the moment where everything is ready, you and your dad start making your way to the chapel, and the preacher is still not there? He can’t find your venue! Disaster.

Some would say who cares, don’t let it get to you. It’s your wedding day. But the reality is that it’s not how you planned it. In one moment you go from super excited to super irritated. This is not how you would want to remember your wedding day.

So walking down the aisle is not just a quick walk in the park. What are the solutions then?


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This has become a very popular thing to do. But what does an unplugged wedding mean and how could it help your walk down the aisle to go smooth?

Unplugged wedding means that when the ceremony start from the time your walk down the aisle none of your guests are allowed to take photos or videos. We have seen some cute posters that brides-to-be have made to tell people that they are not allowed to take photos during the ceremony. But the preacher could also make an announcement before you enter the chapel that they are not allowed.

You have hired a photographer and some have a videographer also. They will capture every beautiful moment of the whole ceremony.


We tell all our bridal couples that if they want to allow people to take photos and video when she is walking down the aisle, there should be CLEAR announcements made by either the preacher or the MC. The announcement is easy and it should basically tell your guests that they are more than welcome to take photos and videos, BUT they are NOT allowed to go into the aisle. Most guests we get to meet have lots of respect for the bridal couples. They keep to the rules.


That moment you’re walking down the aisle cannot be re-done. We can’t stop and do it over. The excitement will be gone in a second. You want your soon to be husband to have an emotional overload when he sees you for the first time. You want to have that special, once in a lifetime moment with your dad walking down the aisle. These are priceless moments.

Rehearsing the walk down the aisle does not help at all. The actual moment is much more nerv wrecking than the rehearsal. And the rehearsal does not have guests that could possibly ruin the moment.

There are so many scenarios that could play out, and there are many weddings that crazy things have happened. Most importantly you need to know what you want, make sure everyone is constantly reminded about the wedding day, make sure the preacher and other vendor’s know exactly where your wedding venue is.

Good luck with your wedding day, and don’t fall while you are walking down the aisle 😉