How can there be the worst confetti? In this article we will take a look at some of the worst confetti ideas. They can ruin your wedding photos, and possible your wedding dress too. Confetti has become a touchy subject resulting in wedding venues to actually control the type of confetti being used. This makes it very difficult to choose the right confetti as there are not a lot of options left. My first word of advice is to discuss the types of confetti with the venues you visit when going out to look for that perfect wedding venue.

In this article however we will not be talking about which confetti is the best but rather the WORST confetti you could probably use, but I will say this: When choosing the type of confetti, think about something that has “air time“. Something like bubbles or rose petals take some time before they fall to the ground making them great to get stunning photos.

The following worst confetti ideas I am going to list are purely out of our experience as professional wedding photographers. These are confetti ideas that just makes BAD photos even though they might sound like a fun or even romantic idea. This is only my opinion and only there to get all the ‘brides to be’ thinking.


Worst confetti Ideas Worst confetti Ideas

I get the fact that popcorn could be a great idea, it falls right into the demands of the difficult wedding venues. It’s good for the environment, the bride and groom can try to catch it with their mouths, guests can eat the popcorn…wait…that should not happen 😉 that’s the first reason it’s a bad idea. Your guests has been sitting in the chapel for about an hour on average, they are HUNGRY. They will definitely take a bite.

Popcorn does NOT float very well. When taking photos of the popcorn being thrown, you have two options, 1. freezing the frame to freeze the popcorn in the air (which professional photographers are able to do) or 2. showing the trail of the popcorn as it’s flying which basically will look like dozens of lines going down in front of the bride and groom. Sometimes it can work to do it like this but still, popcorn is not a very romantic type of confetti. There is one type of popcorn EVERY bride should avoid completely! COLOURED POPCORN! Coloured popcorn is the worst confetti idea, the main problem with this is that the popcorn falls into the brides dress, and because the bride is basically overheating in the dress, the colour on the popcorn melts immediately and yes this stains your dress. Not to mention the guests are holding on to the popcorn to get ready to throw, the colour on the popcorn melts in their hands, then they will obviously come over to give you a hug…enough said 😉


Worst confetti Ideas

Now you might say that feathers has amazing ‘air time’ and I would agree. BUT what most brides do not think about is that feathers can give you an allergic reaction and have you scratching your whole wedding through. Feathers are not a bad idea but be sure you or any of your guests are not allergic to them at all.


Worst confetti Ideas

There is a new type of confetti bubble on the market. It’s either called Sticky Bubbles or Touchable Bubbles. No matter what you call them, they are the WORST confetti idea. If you haven’t realized by now, these type of bubbles DO NOT pop, they stick to everything! Yes you will get great photos with millions of bubbles in the air, but you will also get a bride and groom that look like martians from out of space covered in bubbles. Not to mention everybody running for their lives as soon as they realize they are not your normal bubbles 😉 Do not fear however, these bubbles washes off with warm water. Keep in mind, even normal bubbles will not give stunning photos on a windy day.


Worst confetti Ideas

Most ladies like anything bling and I suppose this is why people have introduced sequins as a confetti idea. The hard fact of this is that sequins and glitter are so small you will hardly see it on the photos, unless you can get a big dump truck to pour a ton over you… no don’t even go there 😉 The other downside of sequins is it will go everywhere in your dress making it very uncomfortable for you. Most wedding blogs that write about great confetti ideas has no photos when they suggest sequins or glitter, as there are no great photos with them.


Worst confetti Ideas

Yes I know it’s biodegradable and very traditional, but again the rice are so small, you will hardly see them on the photos. And yes they will also be crawling and scratching you in your dress the whole night.

If you have any more bad confetti ideas, post it in the comments below, let’s make life a better place 😉

Happy planning B2B’s